Success with Snacks


Please be sure that your child can open/close their own snack at recess.  They have a very limited amount of time (15 minutes total) to eat their snack, use the restroom and play. Trying to open snacks can take away from that time, causing them to be frustrated and throw them away rather than spending time trying to open them.   It might be a good idea to practice at home. Placing items in a ziplock bag that is easy to open, cuttting a small slit in the package to get it started for them, peeling oranges ahead of time, and similar steps that can be taken at home are all greatly appreciated. Also, please discourage them from using their teeth to open items…it’s not very sanitary when they bring the item to a friend or teacher to open after they are unsuccessful.

Also, please remind your children that sharing food is not allowed at school. While we understand and appreciate the desire to be kind and share, it is not allowed due to allergies and germs.

Thank you for your support!


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