Homework Information

Just a few notes regarding homework:

-homework is sent home on Friday

-homework is DUE the following Friday

-families have the flexibility to complete the homework assignments on any night (if you know the upcoming week will be busy for your family, we send the homework on Friday so that your child can get a head start.)

-homework is an important way for your child to learn responsibility and time management

-homework is meant to provide students with practice on skills that we have worked on in class and give parents a better understanding of what their child is learning


Students have been trained in class to READ THREE WAYS:

1) READ THE PICTURES (This is different than just looking at the pictures.  The students need to make up things that could possibly be happening in the pictures.)


3) RETELL THE STORY (if they know the story from another time they have heard it)

Any of these ways are acceptable for students to read at home.  Additionally, you may read to your child, with your child, take turns reading, or have them echo what you read.



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